Lirthei tlawhpawh theih lohna hmuna chengte bawlhhlawh paihna tur hi

India-in Swachh Bharat Mission a kalpui hnuah Faina kawngah nasa takin ṭan lak a ni a, tunah pawh hian UD&PA Department-in khawpui fai inelna a buatsaih atan District khawpui hrang hrangten hma an la mek a, faina kawnga hmalakna atana pawimawh tak pakhat chu bawlhhlawh paih hi a ni a, District khawpui leh khaw ṭhenkhatah chuan lirtheia bawlhhlawh khawn khawma a paihna hmun tur atana siamah paih khawm a ni ṭhin a, Serchhip-ah pawh hetiang hi kalpui mek a ni.

Hetihlai hian District Hqrs. Serchhip-ah pawh mihring chênna hmun ṭhenkhat chu bawlhhlawh paih motor lian chu sawi loh, motor tê pawh luh theihlohna hmun a awm a, heng laia chêngte hian bawlhhlawh an nei ve tho a, an bawlhhlawh te hi an remchan dan ang angin an paih mai ṭhin a, lirthei tlawh pawh theih lohna hmuna chengte tan hian bawlhhlawh paih dan tur hi VC emaw, sawrkar thuneitute tan emaw ruahmanna siam theih se a duhawm khawp mai.

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