India ramah tiṭha ber

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) chuan ni 12 April, 2013
khan rampumah Convocation vawi 26-na an hmang a, hemi rual hian IGNOU
Regional Centre, Aizawl pawhin Convocation hi hmangin Mizoram aṭangin
zirlai 545 te hnenah Degree/Diploma certificate hrang hrang hlan a ni
a, DIET Serchhip Centre-a zirlai, H.Lallianmawii, Central M/S
Chhingchhip-a thawklai chuan Diploma in Primary Education (DPE)-ah
India rama a tiṭha ber lawmman a dawng a ni.

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    Va ti tha ve aw… Vawiin chu hei ka awl laiin ZOTHLIFIM kan google chhin a…in lo bei changkang chho khawp mai..Ka lawmpui tak meuh meuh che u…

  2. editor

    Keini pawh kan lawm e 🙂

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