Sava leh ramsa veh khap hriattirna

Sangchhin Chinzah, MCS, Deputy Commissioner, Serchhip chuan sava leh ramsa veh khap a ni tih hriattirna a chhuah.

District bawrhsapin hriattirna a chhuaha a tarlan danin, tunlaiin Serchhip District chhungah Sava leh Rams ate veh a, kah ching an awm tih hriat a ni a. The Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 (amendment upto 1993) Section 9 chuan hetianga Sava leh Ramsa-te veh a tihhlum hi a khap tlat a ni, tih tarlangin, Serchhip District chhungah Sava leh Ramsa te veh a, tihhlum phal loh a ni tih inhriattir thar leh a ni, tih a tarlang a, thupek awih lo chu dan anga an chungah action lak a nih tur thu leh hemi kawngah khawtlang hruaitu leh tlawmngai pawlte thawhpuiah a sawm a ni.

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