Dawr khârsak

Lunglei khawpui chhunga Mizo hming hawha hnamdang sumdawngte July 2017 ral hma a an sumdawnna titawp tura YMA Sub Hqrs.Lunglei in a ngenna ngai pawimawhlo Dawr 19 te chu tukin khan an dawr khar sak an ni.
YMA Sub-Hqrs.Lunglei hruaitute chuan hetianga Mizo hming hawha sumdawnna kalpuitute hi mimal takin tumah an hawlo tih an sawi a, ram leh hnam humhalh bawhzuinana ti an nih thu sawiin, YMA ngenna ngai pawimawha mi tam takin an hming an hawh tir thin bansana sumdawnna an tihtawp laiin, mi thenkhat luhlul chhuaha YMA ngenna ngai pawimawhlo an awm chu pawi an tih thu leh Dawr an khar sak te chu YMA ngenna ngai pawimawha an sumdawnna an tihtawp ngei an beisei thu an sawi a ni.

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