Online Public Service Delivery chungchang zirhona nei

Nimin khan ICT Department leh DP&AR Good Governance Cell buatsaihin I&PR Director pisaah I&PR officers te nen Mobile App hmanga Online Public Service Delivery chungchang zirhona an nei.
Online Public Service Delivery zirhonaah hian Dr. Lalthlamuana Chief Informatics Officer, ICT Department chuan mipuite’n awlsam zawka sawrkar an dawr theihna atan  sawrkar department tinin an service pekchhuah te online a pek theih a pawimawh thu a sawi a, Citizen’s Charter pawh tun aia tha zawka department tin in an buatsaih a tul thu sawiin mipuite tana hriatthiam awlsam leh langtlang (transparent) taka hnathawh a pawimawh a ni, a ti a. Online Public Service Delivery hmang hian mipui te’n sawrkar department-te engtiklai pawhin (24×7) an dawr thei dawn a, hei hian sawrkar dawr na atana mipuiten tha leh hun an sen a ti ziaawm dawn a ni, a ti a ni.

He hunah  hian I&PR Director Pi Lalnithangi chuan I&PR Department kaltlangin mipuiten sawrkar thu pawimawh awlsam taka an hriat  theihna atan website changtlung taka kalpui a nih thu te sawiin Online Public Service Delivery chungchanga hmalak zel dan tur sawiho nghal a ni.

ICT Department leh DP&AR Good Governance Cell hian sawrkar Department te tlawh chhuakin an service online-a pekchhuah anih theih nan leh  engtiklai pawha awlsam taka mipuiten an dawr theih nan hma an lakpui a ni.

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