Spiderman thar tur Tom Holland

British actor, kum 19 mi, Tom Holland chu Sony Pictures leh Marvel Studio te chuan Spider-Man thar atan an thlangfel ta a, he film thar tur hi Jon Watts-a’n a direct dawn a, July ni 28, 2017-a tih-chhuah a ni dawn tih an
puang nghal bawk.

Tom Rothman, Chairman Sony Pictures Motion Pictures chuan, “Actor naupang ṭha tak tak kan hmu ṭeuh a, mahse Tom-a Screen test hi chu a special bik a ni,” tiin a sawi.

Tom Holland hi kum 2012-a Tsunami drama tihchhuah, The Impossible-ah khan Naomi Watts fapa lemah a chang a, TV Drama Wolf Hall-ah a inlan tawh bawk a, tunah hian Marvel ho film siam tur, Captain America film
Civil War-ah pawh a inlan leh dawn niin sawi a ni.

Spider-man tihchhuah thar turah hian Peter Parker chu High School superhero a ni dawn a ni.

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