Britney leh Charlie te an inthen

Britney Spears leh Chalie Ebersol te chu thla 8 chhung an inzui hnu-ah an inṭhen leh ta niin tarlan a ni.
Zaithiam kum 33-a upa, Britney hian Charlie-a lanna thlalak zawng zawng chu a Instagram Account aṭangin a delete vek a, a social media account danga mi te erawh a la awm a ni.

Britney leh Charlie te hi nikum October 2014 aṭang khan an inzui ṭan a, mipui hmaa an pahniha an inzui lan hmasak ber chu thla hmasaa Billboard Music Awards semnaah khan a ni a, thla 8 an inzui hnuah an inṭhen ta a ni.

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