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Nimin khan State Prohibition Council chu Excise & Narcotics Minister Pu JH Roṭhuama hovin Secretariat Conference Hall-ah meeting pawimawh tak an nei a. Council meeting-ah hian Mizoram Total Prohibition Act, 1995 hnuaia hmalakna hrang hrang tarlan a nih bakah he Act chungchanga Study Group report leh rawtna te pawh sawiho a ni.

Excise Minister Pu JH Roṭhuama chuan nikuma din tawh Study Group Report hi State Prohibition Council hian ṭum hnih lai thlir hovin sawiho a ni tawh a, chung sawihona aṭanga sawrkara rawtna thlen tur chu member te hmaah a chhawpchhuak a. Study Group Report aṭanga MLTP Act ṭhatna leh ṭhat lohna tarlan te bakah sawrkar hnenah he Act hman zel dan tur chungchanga rawtna siam te chu Member ten an sawiho zui a ni a. District tina Prohibition Council-te tihchak leh thuamṭhat dan te rel a ni bawk.

Nimin Prohibition Council Meeting-ah hian Excise & Narcotics Commissioner Pu Lalbiakmawia Khiangte-in kumin January-June 2013 inkara zu leh a kaihhnawih thildangte an man chungchang a tarlang a. Nikum December ni 14-a State Prohibition Council meeting rel angin Council member-te leh Excise & Narcotics officer-te chuan December ni 21, 2012 zanah khan NGO duty-te tlawh kualin hemi zan hian Group 7-ah inthenin veng 74-a duty te hnenah `1000/- theuh pek a ni tih a sawi bawk.

State Prohibition Council meeting-ah hian Excise & Narcotics Parliamentary Secretary Col.ZS Zuala, Excise & Narcotics Secretary Pu HL Rochungnunga, Member Pu H.Raltawna leh Pu Vanlalngena te, District Prohibition Committees aiawh te, tlawmngai pawl hrang hrang – CYMA, MHIP, MUP leh Political Parties aiawhte bakah Mizoram Police leh Excise & Narcotics Department aṭangin Officers engemawzat an tel a ni.

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