A thlawna thisen pek 94% tling chho

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Mizoramah a thlawna thisen pek (Voluntary Blood Doination) pung chho zelin kum 2012-2013 chhungin pek bik neilo, a mamawh apiangte hman atana pek hi za zela 94 a tling chho.

Mizorama Blood Bank-in record a neih hbmasa ber 1993 khan Mizoramah a thlawna thisen pek unit 56 a awm a, pek bik leh mi pek rulhna atana pe (replace-ment) unit 3063 a awm thung a ni. Kum 20 hnu 2012-2013 chhungin a thlawna thisen pek unit 21,032 awmin pek bik/replacement ah unit 1326 chauh a awm thung. Kum 2012-2013 chhunga a thlawna thisen pek hi za zela 94.07 a ni tawh a, kumin hian za zela 95 tlin phak ngei tum a ni a, tlin phak ngei pawh beisei a ni.

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