Ṭanpuina hlan

May ni 9, 2013-a thlipuiin Serchhip-a chhungkaw 10 chenna in nei lova a tihchhiat sakte ṭanpuina Vehbur YMA Sub.Hqrs.Serchhip-in a khawn chu Inrinni khan chhiat tawk chhung tinte hnenah `20,000/- ṭheuhin a hlan a, Thawhlawm thawhtu Sub Hqrs. ṭhuthmun leh direct-a awp br.YMA huam chunga chhung tinte chunga lawmthu a sawi rualin PHE, Serchhip Division, Dorki Association, Serchhip leh All Mizoram Manipuri Association Sub Hqrs. Serchhip-te chungah YMA Sub Hqrs.Serchhip chuan lawmthu a sawi a ni.

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  1. mawia

    Serchhip lam unaute in titha e….. Ram hla tak atang hian in chanchin hriat a nuam khawp mai.

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